Media Ball INC was originally founded by an entrepreneur who managed to take his business from a small, privately owned and focused operation with a set weekly to monthly income all the way to a successful, global operation in which has matched and exceeded old revenue by fifty fold.

We here at Media Ball INC strive to provide not only services to market your product or business, but also advice, guidance, and follow-up strategic business analysis so that you are put into a position to succeed and accelerate your business—not just advertise or market your business and then “drop off” after you pay for services rendered.

Media Ball INC is maintained by a group of professional, educated, and experienced analysts, writers, and journalists that specialize in product and service marketing across the world throughout various consumer audiences.

When you purchase our services you benefit from our guaranteed arrangement and product, that we will not charge you until you are satisfied, and until your product has reached the guaranteed level of exposure—may it be recognition in the media, a credible review by a famous news agency or professionals, or accelerated (verifiable) SEO based online sales and marketing.

Have questions or don’t understand the process? Perhaps looking for something similar, but different? Feel free to shoot us an email! We love questions and strongly value relationships with prospective clients.

How do we take your business to the NEXT level?

We specialize in the usage of various tools to market your product or service, and do so over an extended period of time. Typically, it takes between 1-5 months to begin seeing results, but traffic and client growth can be seen within your business in as little as the first few weeks!

While our services range in nature and price, it’s best to consult directly through our Service Request Form page to obtain a quote fitted to your business and budget. We go above and beyond to ensure we can reasonably match you with an analyst or specialist that’s going to get you the results your business needs!

But what if I’m a new business owner?

Regardless of current business capacity, we guarantee growth of traffic and clients up to 30% in less than a 6 month period! This is a substantial amount, especially if you provide services or a product for a premium price. We on the other hand, only require a percentage up front, and a final payment once the work is completed and you are satisfied with the results!

In addition to the services outlined above, we also provide professional product and service feedback, as well as profitable, meaningful, and relevant reviews on your site or services through various outlets with reputable names that any prospective customer is sure to recognize—increasing your likelihood of future business by up to 40% just within the first 90 days!

We here at Media Ball take pride in our work, have very strong references globally with some of the biggest and most successful current corporations, and have various work samples, formats, platforms, and business models that are aimed to fit and mold to your business or products to maximize profit!

What other benefits do our members receive?

Our members enjoy a variety of not only services, but also free products such as E-Books including tips, personal experiences of success, advice, and more directly targeting media-based coverage and business success!

Even after you’ve received your media coverage services, you may continue to access our online database for free products and newsletters—which are typically provided on a bi-weekly basis.

Known to consumers and businesses around the world, we are most effective in what we do as we have access and reputable relationships with some of the world’s biggest media providers, including ABC News and CNN!

Lastly, our Customers can expect premium services and personalized treatment, as we include a post-project training course on gaining Media Exposure, free to our customers, as well as exceptionally sized redeemable coupons for future services!

Our analysts, journalists, and marketing specialists are standing by to serve you and take your business to the next of many levels to maximize profit, coverage, and the recognition that it deserves!

We look forward to growing with you!

The Media Ball Team


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